Asphalt Moto Blitz DX


Asphalt Moto Blitz DX

Feel the Thrills – Embrace the Blitz

Welcome to the thrilling world of Asphalt Moto Blitz, the latest addition to the incredibly successful Asphalt 9 series! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled ride on the world’s most phenomenal superbikes. With an impressive lineup of 14 race-ready bikes, including iconic names like Ducati, Honda, KTM, Yamaha, and more, you’ll have the chance to experience the true power of these incredible machines. But be prepared to face off against 6 supercar NPC opponents, each more formidable than the last.

Asphalt Moto Blitz offers an array of race modes to keep your heart racing, including Tournament, Classic, 1 on 1, and the intense Curfew mode. Choose your preferred style of play and conquer the asphalt in your own way. Explore five breathtaking race locations, from the scenic landscapes of Scotland to the bustling streets of Shanghai, the iconic backdrop of New York, the arid deserts of Nevada, and the neon-lit streets of Osaka. Each location promises a unique racing challenge and visually stunning experiences.

For an even more immersive experience, gather up to four friends and engage in thrilling multiplayer action. And that’s not all—Asphalt Moto Blitz features a specially designed 2-player twin cabinet for an even more intense racing experience. Customize your motor racing suit with an astounding 7.5 million possible combinations and feel the excitement of the game through the 3-axis dynamic platform and vibrating horn. Asphalt Moto Blitz isn’t just a game, it’s an immersive thriller that puts you in the driver’s seat of the world’s best super bikes. Are you ready to take on the asphalt and become a legend in the world of motor racing?

LAI Games is an exclusive distribution partner in North & South America, UK & Europe.

Moto Blitz DX Technical Profile

Game Features

  • Universal Connector Link
  • Coin/DBA/Card System Ready
  • Globally recognized IP
  • 49″ Full HD monitor
  • Brilliant LED lighting
  • 3-axis dynamic platform
  • Vibrating horn
  • Motion camera
  • 4 unique game modes
  • 5 real-world locations with 15 unique tracks
  • 6 motorcycle brands – 4 super car brands
  • 14 Unique real-world motorcycles
  • Connects up to 4 players
  • Suitable for all ages

Game Specifications

Shipping Dimensions (in)
Asphalt Moto Blitz
Pallet 1: 

Pallet 2: 


Assembled Dimensions
Asphalt Moto Blitz DX

Weight: 2,139 lbs / 970 kg

Globally Recognized Asphalt IP

  • 1 billion+ Downloads
  • 1 billion+ YouTube views
  • 250k Facebook followers
  • 1 million+ YouTube subscribers
  • Dozens of Esports tournaments held every year
  • Popular IP across all mobile and in home platforms since 2018

Game Collateral

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Dragon’s Bane

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Dragon’s Bane is a stunning, dragon-themed three-player coin pusher with a thrilling mix of analog and digital gameplay! Guests attempt to launch coins into a loot bag to trigger the on-screen action. Fire the cannon ball at the dragon and portal for a chance to activate Party Time and the Loot Dash Mini Game to advance to the Mega Bonus Round.

Technical Profile


  • 3 Player Position
  • Analog + Digital Cohesive Gameplay
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Universal Connector Link
  • Card System Ready
  • Coin Acceptor Ready
  • Bill Acceptor Ready

Game Specifications

Shipping Dimensions (in)

Assembled Dimensions

3- Player Cabinet

Width: 72.6″ / 184.5cm
Depth: 47.6″ / 121cm
Height: 101.2″ / 257cm
Weight: 837lbs / 380kg
Power: 400W

Game Collateral

Game Manuals are available on the LAI Game Parts Store. To access game manuals, log in to your existing account or create a new account, and then click on Manuals in the top menu.